Overview of the 6CT Diesel Engine Parts Oil Dipstick Tube 3279104

The 6CT Diesel Engine Parts Oil Dipstick Tube 3279104 is an essential component of the Dongfeng Cummins engine. This article provides an overview of this particular part, its function, and its importance in the overall performance of the engine.
 API 5CT L80 casing Tubing grade Color Codes
GradeGrade TypeNumber and Color of Bands for Product a with Length ³ 1.8 mColor(s) for Couplings
   Entire CouplingBand(s) b, c
H40None or black band at the manufacturer’s optionNoneSame as for Pipe
J55 TubingOne bright greenBright greenNone
J55 CasingOne bright greenBright greenOne white
K55Two bright greenBright greenNone
N801One redRedNone
N80QOne red, one bright greenRedGreen
R95One brownBrownNone
L801One red, one brownRedOne brown
L809CrOne red, one brown, two yellowNoneTwo yellow
L8013CrOne red, one brown, one yellowNoneOne yellow
C901One purplePurpleNone
T951One silverSilverNone
C110One white, two brownWhiteTwo brown
P110One whiteWhiteNone
Q1251One orangeOrangeNone
a In the case of coupling material, unless otherwise specified in the purchase agreement, the manufacturer’s internal requirements shall govern.
b Special clearance couplings shall also have a black band.
c Seal-ring couplings shall also have a blue band.
The oil dipstick tube is a long, slender metal tube that is inserted into the engine block and connects to the oil pan. Its primary function is to provide a pathway for the dipstick, which is used to measure the oil level in the engine. The tube ensures that the dipstick reaches the bottom of the oil pan, allowing for an accurate reading of the oil level. Made specifically for the 6CT diesel engine, the oil dipstick tube 3279104 is designed to fit perfectly into the engine block. It is made from high-quality materials that are resistant to heat and corrosion, ensuring its durability and longevity. The tube is also precision-engineered to meet the exact specifications of the engine, guaranteeing a proper fit and optimal performance. High Quality EMT API ASTM A53gr API 5L Fluid High Pressure Carbon steel Water/Oil/Gas Well Casing Pipe oil casing Carbon Seamless Steel RoundThe oil dipstick tube plays a crucial role in maintaining the proper oil level in the engine. Adequate lubrication is essential for the smooth operation of the engine, as it reduces friction and wear between moving parts. Without the oil dipstick tube, it would be impossible to accurately measure the oil level, which could lead to insufficient lubrication or overfilling of the engine. Both scenarios can have detrimental effects on the engine’s performance and longevity. In addition to its primary function, the oil dipstick tube also serves as a seal between the engine block and the oil pan. It prevents oil leaks and ensures that the oil remains contained within the engine. A faulty or damaged tube can result in oil leakage, which not only leads to a loss of lubrication but can also cause damage to other engine components. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly inspect and replace the oil dipstick tube to maintain the integrity of the engine’s oil system.
The 6CT Diesel Engine Parts Oil Dipstick Tube 3279104 is a genuine OEM part, meaning it is manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer. This ensures that the part meets the highest quality standards and is designed specifically for the Dongfeng Cummins engine. Using genuine OEM parts is essential for maintaining the performance and reliability of the engine, as they are engineered to work seamlessly with other components. In conclusion, the 6CT Diesel Engine Parts Oil Dipstick Tube 3279104 is a vital component of the Dongfeng Cum

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