The Properties and Applications of S235JR steel

S235JR steel is a non-alloy structural steel that is widely used in the construction industry. It is known for its high strength and excellent weldability, making it a popular choice for various structural applications. In this article, we will explore the properties and applications of S235JR steel in more detail. Drilling Pipe One of the key properties of S235JR steel is its yield strength, which refers to the maximum amount of stress that can be applied before the steel starts to deform permanently. With a minimum yield strength of 235 megapascals (MPa), S235JR steel is suitable for a wide range of applications where structural integrity is crucial. It is commonly used in the construction of buildings, bridges, and other structures that require high strength and durability. Another important property of S235JR steel is its tensile strength, which refers to the maximum amount of stress that the steel can withstand before breaking. With a minimum tensile strength of 360 MPa, S235JR steel is capable of withstanding heavy loads and extreme conditions. This makes it ideal for applications that require a high level of structural stability, such as offshore platforms and industrial machinery. In addition to its strength properties, S235JR steel also offers good ductility, which refers to its ability to deform without breaking. This makes it easy to shape and form into various structural components, such as beams, columns, and plates. It can be welded, bent, and twisted without compromising its structural integrity, making it a versatile material for construction projects.
 API 5CT L80 casing TubingDimensions and Masses for Standard Casing and for Casing Threaded with
API Round Thread and Buttress Thread
Labels a     Calculated Mass c
  Nominal Linear Mass T& C b,cWall Thick- ness   em, Mass Gain or Loss Due to End Finishing d
 Outside Diameter  Inside DiameterDrift DiameterPlain- endkg
       Round ThreadButtress Thread
 mm mmmm      
4 1/29.5114.314.385.21103.88100.714.023.64— 4.53— 1.12
4 1/210.5114.315.735.69102.9299.7415.243.33— 3.614.320.91
4 1/211.6114.317.386.35101.698.4216.913.183.354.070.6
4 1/213.5114.319.877.3799.5696.3819.443.533.640.24
4 1/215.1114.322.698.5697.189422.32   
511.512717.195.59115.82112.6416.744.32— 4.85— 5.38— 1.24
5 1/214139.720.916.2127.3124.1220.414.6— 5.26— 5.71— 0.87
5 1/215.5139.723.486.98125.74122.5622.854.365.315.410.58
5 1/217139.725.727.72124.26121.0825.
5 1/220139.730.059.17121.36118.1829.524.374.31-0.52
5 1/223139.734.0510.54118.62115.4433.57
5 1/226.8139.740.1512.7114.3111.1239.78
5 1/229.7139.744.4714.27111.16107.9844.14
5 1/232.6139.748.7415.88107.94104.7648.49
5 1/235.3139.752.817.45104.8101.6252.61
5 1/238139.756.8219.05101.698.4256.68
5 1/240.5139.760.6420.6298.4695.2860.55
5 1/243.1139.764.4122.2295.2692.0864.38   
6 5/820168.2829.767.32153.64150.4629.065.586.236.350.89
6 5/824168.2835.728.94150.4147.2235.134.425.485.520.68
6 5/828168.2841.6710.59147.1143.9241.184.734.71–0.75
6 5/832168.2847.6212.06144.16140.9846.464.734–1.46
S235JR steel is also known for its excellent machinability, which refers to its ability to be cut, drilled, and shaped with ease. This makes it a cost-effective choice for manufacturers who need to produce large quantities of structural components. Its machinability also allows for efficient fabrication and assembly processes, reducing production time and costs. In terms of applications, S235JR steel is commonly used in the construction of buildings and infrastructure. It is often used for structural components such as beams, columns, and plates, as well as for reinforcing bars and wire mesh. Its high strength and durability make it suitable for heavy-duty applications, such as bridges, tunnels, and industrial facilities.
S235JR steel is also used in the manufacturing of machinery and equipment. Its excellent weldability and machinability make it a preferred choice for fabricating components such as gears, shafts, and frames. It is also used in the production of automotive parts, such as chassis and

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