On February 27, the field experts of the CNPC logging area in Iraq successfully completed the field data collection work of three Wells, and conducted a phased evaluation of the operational application effect of the iWAS intelligent surface system.

As one of the key equipment of the domestic CPLog fast measurement platform, the iWAS intelligent ground system was successfully developed in Xi ‘an in mid-2022. In 2023, according to the instructions of the Group company, with the goal of unifying the CPLog brand, CPC logging began to match with the existing main logging equipment in domestic and overseas markets. After testing and improvement, iWAS intelligent ground system has finally become a stable and reliable domestic tool integrating array combined logging data acquisition. At the end of November 2023, two of the latest vehicle-mounted iWAS intelligent ground systems arrived at the Rumaila base. The Iraq operation area set up a production working group composed of operation managers, field engineers and technical experts, after more than two months of overtime work, solved a number of technical problems, formed a series of technical documents such as “iWAS Intelligent Ground (International version) loading Guide”, and trained three qualified iWAS operation engineers for the operation area.

At the beginning of the Year, the iWAS Intelligent Ground System made its debut. At the logging site of R-800 well, the system successfully passed the acceptance of bp Party with “zero problems”. The site acceptance personnel were full of praise for the operating interface and logging performance of the equipment. This year, the Iraq operation area of CPC Logging will complete the parallel replacement of 19 sets of vehicle-mounted iWAS intelligent ground systems with the current LEAP600 ground.

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