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  • P110 casing

    API Spec 5CT P110 Oil Steel Casing Pipe/Oilfield OCTG Drilling Water Well Pipe Hydraulic Pressure Oil Casing Tube Supplier

      API 5CT P110 casing Tubing Specification P110 API casing or tubing is a relatively common one in Oil drilling. Because of the low steel grade of P110, it is used for shallow oil and gas extraction. Due to its low price among other grades of steel, it enjoys broader applications. P110 API casing or tubing is widely used in the…

  • N80 API 5CT Casing

    API 5CT N80 Casing Tubing is a API 5CT Oil Casing Pipe & mainly used for oil well drilling. it is available as short thread type and long thread type supplied with their couplings.

    API 5CT N80 Casing Tubing serves to transport both crude oil and natural gas from oil and gas layer to the surface pipeline after drilling is completed. It is able to bear the pressure produced by the exploitation process. After the outer surface is coated with a protective layer, the tubing is marked in accordance with the API 5CT standard and strapped with metal belt.

  • J55 Tubing

    Tubing is the conduit used to transport crude oil or natural gas from the producing formations to the field surface facilities for processing after drilling is completed. During the extraction process, the OCTG tubing must withstand the pressure and it must be adequately strong to resist loads and deformations associated with production and workovers.

    Dimension range(OD inch):4 1/2”—30”
    Dimension range(OD mm):114.3—762
    Standard: API SPEC 5CT
    Main Steel Grade: H40, J55, K55, N80, N80Q, L80, T95,  P110 etc
    Type of Casing:

    • short round thread casing(SC)
    • long round thread casing(LC)
    • buttress thread casing(BC)
    • non-upset tubing(NU)
    • external upset tubing(EU)
    • integral tubing(IJ)