Understanding the Benefits of  API 5CT J55 K55 Seamless steel casing Pipe for Oil and Gas Applications

API 5CT J55/K55 seamless steel casing pipes are widely used in oil and gas applications. These pipes are used to protect the underground pipelines from external pressure and corrosion. They also provide structural support for the pipelines and help to maintain their integrity.
API 5CT L80 Casing TubingDimensions and Masses for Standard Casing and for Casing Threaded with
API Round Thread and Buttress Thread
Labels a     Calculated Mass c
  Nominal Linear Mass T& C b,cWall Thick- ness   em, Mass Gain or Loss Due to End Finishing d
 Outside Diameter  Inside DiameterDrift DiameterPlain- endkg
       Round ThreadButtress Thread
 mm mmmm      
4 1/29.5114.314.385.21103.88100.714.023.64— 4.53— 1.12
4 1/210.5114.315.735.69102.9299.7415.243.33— 3.614.320.91
4 1/211.6114.317.386.35101.698.4216.913.183.354.070.6
4 1/213.5114.319.877.3799.5696.3819.443.533.640.24
4 1/215.1114.322.698.5697.189422.32   
511.512717.195.59115.82112.6416.744.32— 4.85— 5.38— 1.24
5 1/214139.720.916.2127.3124.1220.414.6— 5.26— 5.71— 0.87
5 1/215.5139.723.486.98125.74122.5622.854.365.315.410.58
5 1/217139.725.727.72124.26121.0825.
5 1/220139.730.059.17121.36118.1829.524.374.31-0.52
5 1/223139.734.0510.54118.62115.4433.57
5 1/226.8139.740.1512.7114.3111.1239.78
5 1/229.7139.744.4714.27111.16107.9844.14
5 1/232.6139.748.7415.88107.94104.7648.49
5 1/235.3139.752.817.45104.8101.6252.61
5 1/238139.756.8219.05101.698.4256.68
5 1/240.5139.760.6420.6298.4695.2860.55
5 1/243.1139.764.4122.2295.2692.0864.38   
6 5/820168.2829.767.32153.64150.4629.065.586.236.350.89
6 5/824168.2835.728.94150.4147.2235.134.425.485.520.68
6 5/828168.2841.6710.59147.1143.9241.184.734.71–0.75
6 5/832168.2847.6212.06144.16140.9846.464.734–1.46
The J55/K55 casing pipes are made from highgrade steel and are designed to withstand extreme pressure and temperature. They are also highly resistant to corrosion and can be used in a variety of environments. The pipes are also designed to be easy to install and maintain, making them a cost-effective solution for oil and gas applications. The J55/K55 casing pipes offer several benefits for oil and gas applications. They are strong and durable, making them ideal for long-term use. They are also resistant to corrosion, which helps to protect the pipelines from damage. Additionally, they are easy to install and maintain, which helps to reduce costs. oil tube chinese best manufacturer,oil tube Chinese high-quality wholesaler,casing pipe china best company,Overall, API 5CT J55/K55 seamless steel casing pipes are an ideal choice for oil and gas applications. They are strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion, making them a cost-effective solution for protecting underground pipelines. They are also easy to install and maintain, which helps to reduce costs.

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