In the Oil and gas industry, having high quality L80 grade (all types) coupling materials, coupling blanks and accessory materials is critical to ensuring the integrity and longevity of equipment. These components play an important role in connecting and securing Pipes, providing reliable, efficient operation. Whether drilling, producing or transporting, having the right materials is critical to the overall success of any project.

When it comes to coupling materials and blanks, there are many options on the market. These components are typically made from materials such as alloy steel, carbon steel, or stainless steel to provide the necessary strength and durability. It is important to select the right material for your specific application, ensuring it can withstand the harsh conditions and demands of oil and gas operations.

Coupling Material, Coupling Blanks, and Accessory Material for Grade L80 (All Types)

Charpy Impact Test Specimen Requirements for Couplings, Coupling Stock
Coupling Material, Coupling Blanks, and Accessory Material for Grade L80 (All Types)
Label 1 API Connection Type and CVN Specimen Orientation, Size, and Energy
Special-clearance b
2 3/8L-7-32L-7-32L-7-32
2 7/8L-10-40L-10-40L-10-40
3 1/2T-5-11T-5-11T-5-11
4 1/2T-7-16T-7-16L-7-32T-7-16T-7-16
5 1/2T-5-11T-7-16T-10-20
6 5/8T-10-20T-10-20T-10-20
7 5/8T-10-20T-10-20T-10-20
8 5/8T-10-20T-10-20T-10-21
9 5/8T-10-20T-10-20T-10-21
10 3/4T-10-20T-10-20T-10-20
11 3/4T-10-20T-10-20
13 3/8T-10-20T-10-20
18 5/8T-10-25T-10-24
NOTE In this table, the specimen orientation (T or L) is followed by the minimum specimen size (10, 7, or 5) which is followed by the minimum absorbed energy requirement (joules) according to the following code; The absorbed energy requirement is adjusted for the test specimen size indicated; Orientation and specimen size is calculated on coupling material/stock wall and not coupling critical thickness.
T is the transverse specimen orientation (see Figure D.11). L is the longitudinal specimen orientation (see Figure D.11). 10 = full-size (i.e. 10 mm ´ 10 mm)
7 = 3/4-size (i.e. 10 mm * 7.5 mm)
5 = 1/2-size (i.e. 10 mm * 5 mm)
a Not thick enough to test.
b The information in this table assumes that special clearance couplings are machined from regular coupling blanks.

In addition to coupling materials and blanks, fitting materials of grade L80 (all types) are equally important. This includes seals, O-rings, and other components critical to proper operation and sealing of the connection. These materials are designed to provide a secure, tight seal, preventing any leakage or loss of pressure during operation.

It is important to source these materials from reputable and reliable suppliers who can guarantee the quality and performance of the product. By selecting high-quality coupling materials, coupling blanks and accessory materials in grade L80 (all types), companies can ensure the safety and efficiency of their operations, ultimately saving costs and increasing productivity. With the right materials in place, oil and gas companies can rest easy knowing their equipment is built to last and perform optimally.

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