Exploring the Benefits of Used Oilfield Pipe for Sale: A Guide for Buyers

When it comes to finding quality oilfield pipe for sale, used oilfield pipe is often the best option. Not only is it more affordable than new pipe, but it can also provide a number of benefits that make it a great choice for buyers. In this guide, we’ll explore the advantages of used oilfield pipe and provide tips for buyers looking to purchase it. One of the biggest advantages of used oilfield pipe is its cost. Used pipe is typically much cheaper than new pipe, making it a great option for buyers on a budget. Additionally, used pipe is often easier to find than new pipe, as it is more widely available. This makes it a great choice for buyers who need to find pipe quickly. Another benefit of used oilfield pipe is its durability. Used pipe is often just as strong and reliable as new pipe, and it can last for many years with proper maintenance. This makes it a great choice for buyers who need a reliable pipe that will stand the test of time.
When it comes to buying used oilfield pipe, there are a few things buyers should keep in mind. First, buyers should always inspect the pipe before purchasing it to ensure it is in good condition. Additionally, buyers should research the seller to make sure they are reputable and trustworthy. Finally, buyers should always compare prices to ensure they are getting the best deal.
Labels a     Calculated Mass c
  Nominal Linear Mass T& C b,cWall Thick- ness   em, Mass Gain or Loss Due to End Finishing d
 Outside Diameter  Inside DiameterDrift DiameterPlain- endkg
       Round ThreadButtress Thread
 mm mmmm      
13 3/848339.7271.438.38322.96318.9968.4815.04— 17.91
13 3/854.5339.7281.19.65320.42316.4578.5513.8816.44
13 3/861339.7290.7810.92317.88313.9188.5512.7414.97
13 3/868339.72101.1912.19315.34311.3798.4611.6114.97
13 3/868339.72101.1912.19315.34311.3798.4611.67 f14.33
13 3/872339.72107.1513.06313.6311.15 e105.2110.9813.98
13 3/872339.72107.1513.06313.6311.15 e 309.63 309.63105.2110.91 f14.33
13 3/872339.72107.1513.06313.6 105.2110.9813.98
13 3/872339.72107.1513.06313.6 105.2110.91 e 
1665406.496.739.53387.4382.5796.7318.59— 20.13
18 5/887.5473.08130.2111.05450.98446.22125.9133.639.25
2094508139.8911.13485.7480.97136.3820.6127.26 g 24.27 17.8424.78
20106.5508158.4912.7482.6477.82155.1318.22 22
20133508197.9316.13475.7470.97195.6613.03 16.02
NOTE See also Figures D.1, D.2, and D.3.
a Labels are for information and assistance in ordering.
b Nominal linear masses, threaded and coupled (Column 4) are shown for information only.
c The densities of martensitic chromium steels ( L80 Types 9Cr and 13Cr) are less than those of carbon steels; The masses shown are therefore not accurate for martensitic chromium steels; A mass correction factor of 0.989 shall be used.
d Mass gain or loss due to end finishing; See 8.5.
e Drift diameter for most common bit size; This drift diameter shall be specified in the purchase agreement and marked on the pipe; See 8.10 for drift requirements.
f Based on 758 mPa minimum yield strength or greater.
g Based on 379 mPa minimum yield strength.
By taking the time to explore the benefits of used oilfield pipe and following the tips outlined above, buyers can find quality used pipe that meets their needs and fits their budget. With the right pipe, buyers can enjoy the reliability and durability of oilfield pipe without breaking the bank.

How to Find Quality Used Oilfield Pipe for Sale: Tips from Industry Experts

1. Research the Reputation of the Seller: When looking for used oilfield pipe for sale, it’s important to research the reputation of the seller. Look for reviews from previous customers, and ask for references. Make sure the seller is reliable and trustworthy. 2. Ask for a Detailed Inspection Report: Before you purchase used oilfield pipe, ask for a detailed inspection report. This report should include information about the condition of the pipe, such as its wall thickness, corrosion levels, and any other defects. 3. Consider the Cost: Used oilfield pipe can be expensive, so it’s important to consider the cost. Compare prices from different sellers to make sure you’re getting the best deal. 4. Look for Quality Materials: Make sure the used oilfield pipe you’re considering is made from quality materials. Look for pipes made from steel or other durable materials that can withstand the rigors of the oilfield. 5. Consider the Size: The size of the pipe is important, as it will determine how much oil can be transported through it. Make sure the size of the pipe is suitable for your needs. oil tube chinese best manufacturer,oil tube Chinese high-quality wholesaler,casing pipe china best company,6. Ask for a Warranty: Many sellers offer warranties on used oilfield pipe. Ask for a warranty to ensure that you’re covered in case of any defects or problems. By following these tips, you can find quality used oilfield pipe for sale. Make sure to research the seller, ask for a detailed inspection report, consider the cost, look for quality materials, consider the size, and ask for a warranty. With these tips, you can find the perfect used oilfield pipe for your needs.

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