Overview of  API 5CT C90/C95/ T95 11-3/4 Seamless steel Oil Pipe casing

API 5CT C90/C95/T95 11-3/4″ Seamless Steel Oil Pipe Casing is a crucial component in the oil and gas industry. This article provides an overview of this specific type of casing, highlighting its features, applications, and benefits.
Chemical Composition, Mass Fraction (%)
grade CMnMoCrNiCuPSSi
R950.45 c1.
L8010.43 a1.90.250.350.030.030.45
C9010.351.20.25 b0.851.50.990.020.03
T9510.351.20.25 b0.850.41.50.990.020.03
P110e0.030 e0.030 e
Q12510.35 1.350.851.50.990.020.01
NOTE Elements shown shall be reported in product analysis.
a The carbon content for L80 may be increased up to 0.50 % maximum if the product is oil-quenched or polymer-quenched.
b The molybdenum content for Grade C90 Type 1 has no minimum tolerance if the wall thickness is less than 17.78 mm.
c The carbon content for R95 may be increased up to 0.55 % maximum if the product is oil-quenched.
d The molybdenum content for T95 Type 1 may be decreased to 0.15 % minimum if the wall thickness is less than 17.78 mm.
e For EW Grade P110, the phosphorus content shall be 0.020 % maximum and the sulfur content 0.010 % maximum.
Seamless steel oil pipe casing is widely used in the oil and gas industry for various applications, including drilling, production, and transportation of oil and gas. The API 5CT C90/C95/T95 11-3/4″ casing is a specific type of seamless casing that meets the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute (API) 5CT standard. One of the key features of this casing is its seamless construction. Unlike welded casings, which are made by joining two or more pieces of steel together, seamless casings are manufactured from a single piece of steel. This seamless construction provides several advantages, including higher strength, better resistance to pressure and corrosion, and improved overall performance. The API 5CT C90/C95/T95 11-3/4″ casing is made from high-quality steel that meets the stringent requirements of the API 5CT standard. This standard ensures that the casing has the necessary mechanical properties, such as high tensile strength, yield strength, and hardness, to withstand the harsh conditions encountered in the oil and gas industry. In addition to its superior mechanical properties, this casing also has excellent chemical properties. It is resistant to corrosion, which is a common problem in the oil and gas industry due to the presence of corrosive substances, such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, in the oil and gas reservoirs. The corrosion resistance of the API 5CT C90/C95/T95 11-3/4″ casing ensures its long-term durability and reliability in corrosive environments. Oil Cooler HoseThe API 5CT C90/C95/T95 11-3/4″ casing is designed to provide a tight and secure seal between the wellbore and the surrounding formation. This seal is essential for preventing the migration of fluids, such as oil, gas, and water, between different geological formations. The casing also helps to maintain the structural integrity of the wellbore, preventing collapse and ensuring the efficient extraction of oil and gas. This casing is available in various sizes, with the 11-3/4″ diameter being one of the most commonly used sizes in the industry. The size of the casing is determined based on the specific requirements of the

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