Understanding the Benefits of  API 5CT N80 casing for Oil and Gas Exploration

API 5CT N80 casing is an integral part of oil and gas exploration and production. It is used to protect and support the wellbore during drilling and production operations. N80 casing provides a number of benefits, including increased strength and durability, improved corrosion resistance, and enhanced pressure containment. N80 casing is made from a highgrade steel alloy that is designed to withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures encountered during oil and gas exploration. The alloy is also resistant to corrosion, which helps to extend the life of the casing and reduce the risk of leaks. Additionally, N80 casing is designed to contain higher pressures than other types of casing, making it ideal for deep wells and high-pressure applications. N80 casing also provides improved safety for workers and the environment. Its increased strength and durability help to reduce the risk of accidents and spills, while its corrosion resistance helps to protect the surrounding environment from contamination.
oil tube wholesaleprice high-quality high-grade china,casing Pipe China high-quality ,wholesaler,casing pipe chinese high-grade wholesaler,Overall, API 5CT N80 casing is an essential component of oil and gas exploration and production. Its increased strength and durability, improved corrosion resistance, and enhanced pressure containment make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications.
Labels a     Calculated Mass c
  Nominal Linear Mass T& C b,cWall Thick- ness   em, Mass Gain or Loss Due to End Finishing d
 Outside Diameter  Inside DiameterDrift DiameterPlain- endkg
       Round ThreadButtress Thread
 mm mmmm      
13 3/848339.7271.438.38322.96318.9968.4815.04— 17.91
13 3/854.5339.7281.19.65320.42316.4578.5513.8816.44
13 3/861339.7290.7810.92317.88313.9188.5512.7414.97
13 3/868339.72101.1912.19315.34311.3798.4611.6114.97
13 3/868339.72101.1912.19315.34311.3798.4611.67 f14.33
13 3/872339.72107.1513.06313.6311.15 e105.2110.9813.98
13 3/872339.72107.1513.06313.6311.15 e 309.63 309.63105.2110.91 f14.33
13 3/872339.72107.1513.06313.6 105.2110.9813.98
13 3/872339.72107.1513.06313.6 105.2110.91 e 
1665406.496.739.53387.4382.5796.7318.59— 20.13
18 5/887.5473.08130.2111.05450.98446.22125.9133.639.25
2094508139.8911.13485.7480.97136.3820.6127.26 g 24.27 17.8424.78
20106.5508158.4912.7482.6477.82155.1318.22 22
20133508197.9316.13475.7470.97195.6613.03 16.02
NOTE See also Figures D.1, D.2, and D.3.
a Labels are for information and assistance in ordering.
b Nominal linear masses, threaded and coupled (Column 4) are shown for information only.
c The densities of martensitic chromium steels ( L80 Types 9Cr and 13Cr) are less than those of carbon steels; The masses shown are therefore not accurate for martensitic chromium steels; A mass correction factor of 0.989 shall be used.
d Mass gain or loss due to end finishing; See 8.5.
e Drift diameter for most common bit size; This drift diameter shall be specified in the purchase agreement and marked on the pipe; See 8.10 for drift requirements.
f Based on 758 mPa minimum yield strength or greater.
g Based on 379 mPa minimum yield strength.

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