From 28th to 29th February local time in Iraq, china National Petroleum Corporation (Iraq) Habbaniyah company held a public open day event under the theme of “Entering Habbaniyah, Building a Home Together“. Students from Missan University of Petroleum and nearby schools were invited to visit and communicate, aiming to further enhance communication and connection with the local community and promote the harmonious development of enterprise-land relations.

During the event, Habbaniyah Company show cased the brilliant achievements of Oil exploration and development, as well as the unremitting efforts in fulfilling corporate social responsibility, promoting local economic development, and improving people’s livelihood. This demonstrated the company’s firm determination and sense of responsibility to serve the local area. The successful cases of cooperation between the company and the local community are numerous. For example, the company has collaborated with the local government to build a school, providing better educational resources for local students; the company has also participated in local environmental protection projects to help improve the local environmental quality. These successful cases have been highly praised by the visitors.

As a key overseas project of China National Petroleum Corporation, Habbaniyah Company always remembers its mission and serves as a pioneer in the high-quality joint construction of the “Belt and Road Initiative”. In the future, Habbaniyah Company will continue to uphold the cooperation concept of “mutual benefit and win-win development“, further enhance the understanding and recognition of the company by various sectors of society in Iraq in terms of production and operation, green and low-carbon, digital and intelligent transformation, and driving local economic and social development. The company will adopt a more open attitude to tell the story of oil and spread the culture of oil, making greater contributions to local people’s livelihood and social development, and striving to create a new chapter in enterprise-land cooperation.

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