When installing a submersible pump, it is important to select Pipes with a pressure rating that meets or exceeds the operating pressure in the well.

There are two factors used to determine job stress:
Feet from pressure tank to pump water level
(One foot of water = 0.433 PSI)
Tank pressure switch settings (PSIG)
The following formula will provide the operating pressure:

(Depth X .433) + (Switch Setting) = Operating Pressure

For example, if the pumping height is 330 feet and the pressure switch is set to 50 PSIG, the formula would be:

(330 X .433) + 50 = 192.9 PSI

Requires pipe rated 200 PSI or higher. Using pipes with lower pressure ratings may result in pipe failure.

Please note: If the pipe used to calculate the well requires a pump level significantly higher than the bottom, and the pump level drops due to drought or other conditions, the pressure rating of the pipe may be exceeded.

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