How Customized wholesale J55 steel casing Can Improve safety in the Oil and Gas Industry

Person 1: “I’ve heard that customized wholesale j55 steel casing can improve safety in the oil and gas industry. Is that true?”
Person 2: “Yes, it is. Customized wholesale j55 steel casing is designed to provide superior protection against corrosion and other environmental factors that can cause damage to oil and gas Pipelines. It also helps to reduce the risk of leaks and other accidents that can occur in the oil and gas industry. The casing is designed to be strong and durable, so it can withstand the harsh conditions of the oil and gas industry.”
 API 5CT L80 Casing Tubing grade Color Codes
GradeGrade TypeNumber and Color of Bands for Product a with Length ³ 1.8 mColor(s) for Couplings
   Entire CouplingBand(s) b, c
H40None or black band at the manufacturer’s optionNoneSame as for pipe
J55 TubingOne bright greenBright greenNone
J55 CasingOne bright greenBright greenOne white
K55Two bright greenBright greenNone
N801One redRedNone
N80QOne red, one bright greenRedGreen
R95One brownBrownNone
L801One red, one brownRedOne brown
L809CrOne red, one brown, two yellowNoneTwo yellow
L8013CrOne red, one brown, one yellowNoneOne yellow
C901One purplePurpleNone
T951One silverSilverNone
C110One white, two brownWhiteTwo brown
P110One whiteWhiteNone
Q1251One orangeOrangeNone
a In the case of coupling material, unless otherwise specified in the purchase agreement, the manufacturer’s internal requirements shall govern.
b Special clearance couplings shall also have a black band.
c Seal-ring couplings shall also have a blue band.
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The Benefits of Using Customized Wholesale j55 Steel Casing for Downhole Safety

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