An Oil casing is a piping device used in the oil and gas industry to drill, produce, transport, and control well fluids. It is usually a long steel Pipe installed in an oil or gas well to maintain the structural integrity of the well, control fluid transport, and isolate fluids from different formations in the well. With the deepening of oil exploration and exploitation at home and abroad, the complexity of oilfield geological conditions has become larger, and higher requirements have been put forward for the performance, quality and specifications of oil casing materials, so its demand will gradually increase.

At present, china‘s oil casing market is dominated by high-end products, accounting for more than 70%, while middle and low-end products account for less than 30%. Due to the special requirements of oil production safety, China has been vigorously supporting the development of the oil and gas industry, with the r¬†APId development of the downstream market, the demand for oil casing continues to grow. Relevant reports show that in 2022, China’s oil casing production and demand reached 6.08 million tons and 4.07 million tons, respectively, and the market size reached 20.99 billion yuan.

In general, the development of the oil casing industry is closely related to the needs of the oil and gas industry. In the future, with the continuous innovation of technology and the constant change of the market, the oil casing industry will continue to develop and grow.

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