introduction to Surface casing

Surface casing is an essential component in the drilling process of an Oil well. It serves as a protective barrier between the wellbore and the surrounding environment, preventing any potential leaks or contamination. In this article, we will explore the features and specifications of the Surface Casing 16 Inch  API 5CT grade K55 Connection Weight 84 Lb/FT Seamless Oil Well Casing and Tubing Pipe Btc Range 3.
The Surface Casing 16 Inch API 5CT Grade K55 Connection Weight 84 Lb/FT Seamless Oil Well Casing and Tubing Pipe Btc Range 3 is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of oil well drilling operations. It is made from high-quality materials and manufactured to the highest industry standards, ensuring its durability and reliability.
Chemical Composition, Mass Fraction (%)
Grade CMnMoCrNiCuPSSi
R950.45 c1.
L8010.43 a1.90.250.350.030.030.45
C9010.351.20.25 b0.851.50.990.020.03
T9510.351.20.25 b0.850.41.50.990.020.03
P110e0.030 e0.030 e
Q12510.35 1.350.851.50.990.020.01
NOTE Elements shown shall be reported in product analysis.
a The carbon content for L80 may be increased up to 0.50 % maximum if the product is oil-quenched or polymer-quenched.
b The molybdenum content for Grade C90 Type 1 has no minimum tolerance if the wall thickness is less than 17.78 mm.
c The carbon content for R95 may be increased up to 0.55 % maximum if the product is oil-quenched.
d The molybdenum content for T95 Type 1 may be decreased to 0.15 % minimum if the wall thickness is less than 17.78 mm.
e For EW Grade P110, the phosphorus content shall be 0.020 % maximum and the sulfur content 0.010 % maximum.
One of the key features of this surface casing is its 16-inch diameter. This size is commonly used in oil well drilling operations and provides ample space for the subsequent casing strings to be installed. The larger diameter also allows for better cementing operations, ensuring a secure and stable wellbore. The casing is made from API 5CT Grade K55 steel, which is known for its excellent mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion. This ensures that the surface casing can withstand the harsh conditions encountered during drilling operations, including high pressures and temperatures. The connection type of this surface casing is BTC (Buttress Thread and Coupling). This type of connection is widely used in the oil and gas industry due to its superior strength and reliability. The BTC connection provides a tight seal, preventing any leaks or failures that could compromise the integrity of the wellbore. The weight of the surface casing is 84 lb/ft, which is a standard weight for this size of casing. This weight ensures that the casing is strong enough to withstand the forces exerted on it during drilling and cementing operations. It also provides stability to the wellbore, preventing any collapse or deformation. Steel Drill Pipe The surface casing is seamless, which means it is manufactured without any welds or joints. This seamless construction enhances the casing’s strength and integrity, reducing the risk of failure or leaks. It also allows for smoother and more efficient drilling operations, as there are no obstructions or irregularities in the casing. The surface casing is designed to be used in Range 3 applications. Range 3 refers to the length of the casing, which is typically around 40 feet. This length is suitable for most drilling operations and provides enough coverage to

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